I basically try to improve and deepen my engeneering methods, so this is a way to make notes for me and anybody who's interested in dev work, cross compiling tools ...

1. Basics. How to build, create and maintain the dev tool chain.

2.How to start a multi OS project. SImple configuration and example

3. A more complex example with indepth usage of wxWidgets and OS specific API

This site is dedicated to basic Linux development stuff.  I want to show how easy it is to develop something whith Linux and even to develop for other systems like Win on Linux with the gnu Toolchain and OpenSource Software.

Have a look at how to create a crosscompiler on Linux to build Executables for Windows

Note: I am not responsible for any consequences you may experience following the technical descriptions on alemer.de, regardless of what, who, why and how. I am not responsible, no way.